Beauty of Attachments  


The word itself gives very nice feelings to hear, say or see! It may be for persons, positions, places, powers or even intangible things in view. It may be Real, Imaginary or Artificial one, calling for the countless changes and granting great values in line with the wishes, vision and perception of the individuals. Normally, it is treated very casually and more often then not, taken for granted on a whimsically rash basis. It is thought to be permanently present and rightfully owned places for which No Care to Continue need be taken. Ironically, it may prove to be highly illusive and mistaken assurance, which is deficient to stand the Test of Time.

It is very much Unpredictable and Uncertain with Uncontrolled Entry & Exit possibilities, so the existing continuity of effective position and place has to be assured and reassured at every intermittent period to be on a safer side.  

This natural instinct is a Heaven’s Blessings and Gift of God, which is Valuable & Precious. It is necessary to preserve that with due diligent to make the Life Pleasant and Meaningful so as to be an Ideal Charisma to be cherished by every one.  

Sincere and Sensible one, senses moves of the situations well in advance, so that they can easily save themselves from probable heart aches on account of Swing and Shift of positions under known or unknown pressures for any unforeseen and contingent eventuality.  

It is essential to bear in mind that Dear & Deep Devotion is also likely to diminish some times, even without Reasonable Reasons to one’s dismay. Deeper the Root bond, higher is the impact of variation and if there is lesser degree of the intensity, less will be the problems due to the altered level of attention.  

The tenure is greatly governed by the Depth and Motives of the attachment. Impulsive, artificial and malicious type, can’t find the place for a long, as they get exposed very soon. They treat the termination of association as a curse on them & feel frustrated since the movement appears to be on a point of No Return! They are left with only regrets for their own doings since nothing can mend or reverse the lost standings.  

The life of the Self-centered, Selfish and Superfluous attachments for the desire of availing self interest some how, die very soon. As they have to make very heavy reciprocal returns beyond imagination and capacity. Moreover, mostly lead to the disastrous collapse of all momentarily acquired gains. Even after the detachment, there remains a scar of bitterness, hurt and haunting hard feelings like a nightmare.  

There are associations limited to Logical Lasting Time, as they are formed to attain the preset Targets, predetermined deals & goals or extending services. With all the Goodness and cordial combine work for the stipulated duration, they have to come to an end on the completion of the assignments with the Golden handshakes!  

The word ‘Attachment’ has built in inferred implications, needing no explanation. When it is true and sincere one, it is capable of contributing and transmitting the necessary Moral & Emotional Support, in order to help confronting the befallen calamity. That can also give the strength to uplift will power, implant courage and promote positive attitude in the hearts of the Confused, Helpless, Dependant and weaker ones’ & direct them towards the New Horizon of Promising Propositions and Proposals.  

These relations have very long or may be permanent prospects, as they are with Honest, Kind and Caring Feelings in reflection of unexplainable but intuitive past birth connections or out of the appreciation and respect for the noble deeds, or for the duty consciousness and Loyalty towards the obligations or on account of the regards for the superiors.  

Whenever unfortunately they get detached or part for any reasons, always leave behind the remembrance of Sweet Memories & ever lasting Fragrance of Presence Forever.  

To sum up, with all the Limiting Limits and Functional Parameters governing the Operative Conditions, the Beauty of Attachment do enjoy, the Privileged Place at all the levels of the Positions in View. However, it is Extremely Essential that the availed Satisfaction & Happiness is based on the Positive Values and not aiming at the points of the Negative Feelings as that will not only hamper the Harmony and cordial state but also create the Hard feelings to harm both the sides. Let the work of the Beauty………Be……… Beautiful!


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