Cost of Mistakes


Mistake is the “Mistake”, whatever be the cause, magnitude or nature of that! It will always take its own Toll and followed Price of Punishment for either or both the sides of the involved concerns. The degree of loss depends on the pertinent situation, affected area in question, mood & moves of the viewers and attributed attitudes of the assessors. At the same time, the possibility of correction measures, means of minimizing the sufferings & the required recovery time, is governed by the availability & ease of the essential treatments.    


The faced consequences differ with the gravity of the outcomes, findings of the reasons, exposed intentions & the outlooks of the involved individuals. It is essential to know whether it is unintentional minor missed out omissions, error of judgment or lapse through oversight, overlooked things due to harried over enthusiastic approaches or the mistakes are tactics of purposeful major gross negligence, carelessness, blunders of disguised ignorance etc. in order to serve the self ends only.


Many a times one is subjected to charges of blames of many undue mistakes by superiors in commanding positions, so as to save their skins, promote own motives of mind and guard self interests. It may be even revengeful actions to spoil some ones good image of outstanding records with a view to shadow & stop rewards of advancements towards the bright future. The innocents are required to suffer for none of own makings but made to pay for the spitefully sadistic pleasures of the selfish in powers.


The promising picture of benefits can tend to fail miserably, due to the missing of important & essential information links or the communication of the distorted message of relevance. The mistaken conclusions based on the wrong feedbacks, lead to disastrous end results.   


More often then not, we tend to make the mistake of seeing the true color of the persons, we may be interacting in our day to day life. It may be in commercial, official, casual contact or social and personal relations. We easily take things on its face value which may be far from the reality, when realized later on, would be shocking to ones dismay & hard hit to withstand the blow. The sharing of information & secrets in trusted confidence of good faith, with the unworthy and wrong associates proves to be very costly & hurting, since mostly misused to inflict the detrimental adversity & hardships of no recovery chance.


There are wrong beliefs & opinions created by incorrect misrepresented views. The lack of proper understanding & mistaken reports, treat the accurate things also as wrongs and subjected to seeking the explanations for the matters of no mistakes to ones surprise. Practically, every one may have had such experience on many counts at some or the other times.


The disappointments & followed regrets bound to occur when one makes the mistake of expecting reciprocal respect & response of concerns from any body at any level of position & placement. Each one has got own pattern of thinking about the related value of importance to fulfill the desired ways of wishes. It is extremely difficult to decide the merits of either side as right or wrong on a given situation. That time, almighty may become the referee & declare His decision for both.


The purposeful intentional mistakes will surely get exposed one or the other day, when there will be no escape from the related consequences. However, one can try to be conscious of responsibility & implications of actions or omissions and be careful of lapses & flaws. Still, if something happens unknowingly, one should admit gracefully & stand corrected at once so as to save further loss and hard feelings of the concerns with straight forward approach. It is also likely that one over looks to take the timely action in the matters of importance & later on runs around in anxiety with regrets to carry out the  needed attention.


Queer enough, but sometimes diligent actions of good faith intentions, give the harmful adverse results for some mysterious reasons and labeled as gross mistake of concern on account of the misfortunate plight. One may be lost to witness the unimagined outcome of the honest & sincere efforts. As such find to be helpless to make any mends for corrections.


Whatever be the cause & kind of mistake, calls for the cost dues, taking its own toll of punishments which none can ever avoid. However, seeking of the heartfelt forgiveness & true repents is surely capable of giving some solace. Along with that, clear mind may succeed to look for the possible saving grace to minimize the damages. The policy of "Forgive & Forget" is advisable in the interest of all concerns since nothing good can emerge from negative feelings.


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