Familiarity breed Disregard


It is human nature to work hard to avail whatever wanting at the given point of time. However many a times, after getting or realizing the same to already exist in ones lot, the charm of importance tend to disappear. All unknown experience & the out of reach bliss, look special & rare achievement. After all, the other side of the valley is supposed to be green!!! The preferred feeling for New & dream like Novel gains, mostly enjoy the higher rank, at least for some time.


We spend lots of time & energy to understand new methods of systems & assignments to expertise the effective working of functions or try to find the deal attitudes & interaction habits of the different people to move the matter suitably. There is a feeling of thrill & enthusiasm to reach the determined task which may bear the favorable fruits & succeed the advantage of the familiarity ease.


The knowledge of know how set the definite pattern & leave no room for imagining & contributing the individual innovative idea. This situation may be enjoyed for some time but soon interests is likely to vanish & disgust of monotony felt. The boon of the familiarity becomes the dislike of routine & the reluctance of disregards slowly sets in. One may start treating & thinking that to be boring methods to be discarded & replaced if possible. This behavior pattern holds well in varied degree with everybody.


The same experience can be with regards to person, place & position or concern the power & possession of anything. No matter, pertain to personal & social or official & commercial matter. Whenever ones strong holds & weak points of the natural temperaments & convictions are known well, nothing remain confidential, since the action & reaction of situation can be easily predicted. As a result, always be taken for granted & misused by others. This unhealthy state would lead the feeling of contempt some day. 


Mostly, all are looking for the change in life with the new challenges of opportunities’, connections of the deals, assignments, place & positions with the enhanced powers in order to explore the possibility of increase in gains. Likewise, one also wishes for the company of new people to promote self popularity & hope to seek the required support of missing things. The changed scenario of the situations is expected to refresh the gloomy state of mind & create the comfortable mood.  


However, the facts may be frightening, since the new things may not always be nice. The envisaged rosy picture may not be visible or seem unlikely to appear in near future. Every changed condition requires the extra efforts, time & adjustments to ensure the smooth sailing which may prove difficult & straining.  


It is left with the concern person to opt & continue with the familiar situation of ease or wish to run the risk of trying out unknown ways in search of getting the satisfaction of the interesting rejoice. One has to equate own capacity & judge the value of cool & comfortable familiar things even if be the boring routine or desire to test the changes since considered to be the spice of life & leave the reality to future.  



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Played by John Torp


Used with permission