Fate of Forced Favors


It is natural of humans to get frightened & feel worried with the on sets of any problems or calamities for self or concerning near & dear ones. One would try to run around desperately in search of seeking help to find solution to cope with the adverse situation and take remedial actions some how.


We do our might out of frustrations, in order to escape hard hit hardships & troubles through safe guards of preventive measures and possibility of some Miracles if any. Go to temples or plan pilgrimages to pray for merciful kindness and blessings, vow for specific offerings, undertake some ceremonies to control evil effects, kneel down to plead with tears and make begging requests before Almighty for granting His Grace by pardoning & ignoring any wrongs or sins may have been committed earlier.


We may do anything & everything to mitigate the impact of adversity but nothing may move & work in our favor. Individual personal pathetic plights of sufferings have no chance of deviating from destiny & being heard for forgiveness. God is only a silent spectator of happenings & donít ever interfere with the auto functioning plan of cosmos & operating parameters of laws of nature set by Supreme Forces.


We are welcome to keep thinking as to why some always get favorable deals in everything even without asking or working for it and why am I deprived of legitimate dues in spite of slogging sincerely? Some can use & carelessly misuse things like anything and I have to long for even basic necessities. Some enjoy through out the life and I seem to be meant for only miseries of missing! I will strive to get my wants at any cost, be it fair or unfair or whatever, I donít bother! If God fulfills my wish request, fine, or I will have my methods of availing & grabbing. Who has seen next births & following punishments?


However, the fact is, the nature is never partial to any one. It is a Diligent Banker recording the Karmic Deeds accounts of every one pertaining to chain of births with the additions of current activity. Its system doesnít permit balancing of favorable to adverse transactions. Allow depositor to withdraw his balance without any question of purpose and raise the demands for settling negative dues. Its job is to monitor the appropriate operations & restrict it to limits.


If due to constant pressing request of a particular favor, God gives the grant, the destiny comes in play & cancels existing goody in turn to make up for the difference. As such, effectively that proves to be illusory bliss to give momentary solace of gains which may get snatched away suddenly to ones dismay at times.


The best policy is not to seek undue forced favors & bravely face the given state in stride, so that karmic debts may get over at some point and fortune emerge on its own to make you happy & lucky to your satisfaction. Nothing is stationery beyond predetermined time. Hence no need to feel disheartened. If autumn makes for falling leaves, never mind, spring time will come for blooms too!



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