Fears Watching


 The word itself is frightening as it is always present at the back of everyone's mind, in some forms of varied degree. It may be expressed or cleverly hidden one. The root reasons may be genuine or could be only imaginary. The cause being, obviously, self-protection needs or due to feelings and concern for the kith and kin ones' welfare and well beings. The Intuitive fears could be the guide and prove to be the beneficial one, by anticipating the probable eventuality well in advance so as to afford safe-guard measures and actions before the on-sets. Therefore; there can be the possibility of minimizing the impacts and also the after effects.


   The fears based on inner voice and self-conscious, restricts and stops everybody from falling into tempting but undesirable situations. They suggest don’t take momentary short term gains at the cost of any unjust reciprocal gains for the promised considerations. Since that will endanger trusted standings and create life time regrets.  


There always remains fears on account of unknown, uncertain and likely God sent, ill-fated contingent events with only Crises and Calamities of No Recourse! The fear of Self Health & Life Itself, as also Well-being and lives of the ‘Near and Dear’ ones, remains the root cause of the concern. Any dangers due to hurts, tortures or sufferings of any kinds, give Worries, Tensions & Anxiety.


Every one feels extremely conscious and greatly worried with the fear of loosing or parting the related precious possessions of Persons, Places, Positions or even things that are held & considered to be of intense importance. The very thought of likely separation, for the Time-being or Forever, becomes the source of disappointments & Dejections. 


The implementation or information of any Changes, Shifts, Reduction or Removal of any Current Benefits, creates fear and Threats to the Enjoyed Status, Power and Importance, as such, the alterations for any reasons or the requirements are subjected to oppositions and unacceptable.


The Horrifying fears are experienced from Enemies, unguarded attacks from the anti-socials for some unknown Revenges or even there can be a fear of some one's Curses becoming Reality.


We are subjected to The Psychic Fears many a times which keeps haunting and troubling all the time, making for undue stress & Nightmares. The fears for non-existing & unlikely visualized situations, actions or deals keep bothering for no logical Reasons.


Some times there exists the fear of Guilt-feelings for having or thought to have been done something wrong or Uttered Unjust Hurting Words, Actions, undue scolding, Insults, Bad Treatments or Punishments etc. because of Anger, Misunderstandings, Expression of Authority, III-feelings, Hatred or Personal Frustrations. All these create and contribute for the untold and Unbearable State of Mind & Restlessness.


Some people have Fearful and Nervous type Nature. They are scared and frightened over smallest events and get worried over imaginary things at once. They are unable to work under pressures of Time schedules and take up Unknown assignments' Challenges as they lack confidence, necessary knowledge based interest and positive thinking. They are reluctant to face probable problems and determined will to do their might.


There are Self-imposed, Self-Inflicted and Self-Created Scares and Fears which are resulted on account of own Senseless, Irresponsible or Careless Actions and Inactions over the Important matters, which in turn, lead to Undesired Losses and Unwarranted Failures. No amount of Regrets or Amends can improve anything.


There are people who misuse their power, position and image, and try to fulfill own wishes and get their Ends served somehow, at the cost of anything, by deviating from rules, regulations or even prevailing laws. At a later date, when time becomes unfortunate, they are pressed against the wall with the fear of getting caught and the followed punishments for their own Deeds.


I think that you may find some of the above shared points have been observed and experienced by all of you too, at some time, some where and with some ones. 



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