Fruitful Decisions


The merit & worth of any decision is a subject matter of the concern evaluator at a given point of time. That opinion may be momentary or could be well thought over strong belief. Mostly, people tend to have wavering mind at each and every stage of life. They are always in a dilemma while making major & important decisions concerning self or near ones. Frankly speaking, they fail to make up their mind even for routine minor preferences. They are hardly sure of their own choice and the ways of achieving that target. The base of the objective is so shaky, that it would either collapse at little instance of the hardships or prove to be beyond reach. If by chance that happen to succeed, still appear useless very shortly.


It is true that all do not have the instinct of foresight and capacity of courage to decide on strong conviction. However, the decisive ability can be cultivated with will & sincere wish. Many want to be successful in their planning but prefer to be inert in the hope of God doing some magic for them which is unlikely. Some think, let others slough & sweat if they have concern for me or if they are under my service and I will just enjoy the fruits of their efforts. It is conveniently over looked that the credit & joy of the good outcome is experienced by the contributor & not their pleasure.


Some feel dejected after facing failures on many counts and decide to submit oneself to the destiny & float along the streams of fate which is moving to unknown destination. They imagine their sufferings will reduce with passing of the current time. But this negative measure can never be the wise solution of any calamity. In fact, thoughtful remedial action alone can save the situation & likely to reach the desired results.


There are number of persons leading the aimless life of any envisaged goals. They keep changing their mind & direction of attempts every now & then but refuse to seek correct guidance from any one due to false ego. The irresponsible ways of treating & dealings of assignments undertaken by them, bring in the definite failure. They agitate to face that but do not realize the root cause.


The nature tends to help & bless only honest & sincere intentions becoming fruitful in spite of hurdles on the way. Hence, the aim of undue competition out of pride, or desire to imitate others due to jealousy or want to hurt & harm some one, will surely fail and become detrimental.


Rightly or not, people think that own ways are perfect, logical & best workable. Hence, there is no room for considering any suggestions. I am always diligent & careful, still success is betraying me, because of hard luck of some oneís curses. It is easy to shake off own share of blames for the faced misfortune & envy happiness of apparent successful ones. It is human tendency to ignore own bliss & peep through otherís window!   


The success is mainly governed by the competence, intuitive working with the willingness to accept challenges and the unusual initiative of determinations to ensure the reality of the visualized ends. Above all, it is essential to forego & sacrifice something to gain something, which is Nature's unwritten Law of Life.