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Let us share some views on many matters of importance & life concerns!! I don't know, how far would you agree to my assessing the entire situation from all together different perspective, but might inspire you some what and lead you to the direction of Positive thinking / actions which are very essentials for saving ourselves from getting defeated / ruined even while passing through the path of the Testing Time / Circumstances and above all ... most important is maintaining calm & collected position, against probable collapse / Heartaches!!! We have to promise ourselves to bear with anything & everything that is destined for us without any question to Almighty & shall suffer in silence but can't get destroyed!!


These are not preaches but worth trying thoughts! Attending to many things in life, keeps us gainfully busy so that our mind can not wonder & frustrate. The setting of priorities will try to sequence our efforts' movement in a definite direction, so that, we can profit by our energy force ( Wishes) in a given limited time. We must have target schedules / set goals so that we can speed up the head way in resolving God's Test Paper & at least will pass out, if can't succeed with the flying colors! There is nothing wrong in planning to move on a day to day basis. In fact, it can give stronger grip over the situation & can even allow for stern measures / action if need be so as to gain the control of the worst plight? Life with us, have never ever been a smooth sailing one, so we are required to endure the toughest threshold.


Please do not worry about the possibility of success or hopes for getting God's smile!! Please feel assured, "No Good Deeds are ever lost". When time comes, the Reward of it comes our way, even without asking for it. It emerges out of blue, to our great surprise & happiness, like a gift of God. The only condition is ... we should have very strong' faith in Him & keep doing our duties for which we have been sent on this earth to fulfill our Karmic assignments of the chain of past births. I do agree, after all, we are human beings with anxieties, feel helpless at times, find our tolerance level diminishing & feel totally lost! At that point of blank stage, it is only our faith in God that can fill our heart with fresh energy & Will to proceed further. Otherwise, there will be deadlock, which is not healthy at all?!


May I add, whatever is yours, due to you, shall come to you & you only, even if you donít ask for it. Likewise, things not destined as blessed, try as much as you may or long for as much you may, but no where can be found.  


Please continue to do your best & do not feel disappointed over things beyond control. We are sincere & honest to us & also towards others, which is more then sufficient in the eyes of Almighty.


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