Life of Lies



Presumed to be unending and powerful weapon to provide essential protections to every intention of self-gains. The lies seem safe shelter to escape the ordeals of failed commitments, brush off unwanted favor requests and saving grace of undesired lapses.


It is a regular habit like a second nature with some to justify own mistaken stand or wrong and adverse actions. They lack courage & decency to accept the responsibility of own deeds and face the consequences.  They are capable of telling lies so cleverly without any fear of self-conscious that at times may succeed in manipulating the out comes.


Many think lying to be the birth right, regardless of others hardships, losses and hurts by violating ethical code of conducts, respect for rule & regulations or even norms of logical deals of sanity.  However, when taken to task for explanations and punishments, straightaway deny the charge or attempt to shift the blame on some easy scapegoats.


The timid people when make blunders out of ignorance or incompetence, get frightened to bear the burden of the resultant results. Hence, try to cover up the situation with innumerable lies. They are likely to be saved for that moments but soon get exposed in the light of the reality.  


The lies are considered to be the convenient ways by some people to shake off any accountability measures for the mess up of important things and creation of unwarranted scenarios of the sufferings. They are able to buy some time for making the possible adjustments, only till compelled to be obligatory to admit.


Indeed queer but some prefer to take the help of the white lies to refuse undesired grant of grace wishes of honors. It is intended to convey the message without spelling as such on the spot, on unmistakable terms of the facts. The purpose is to take care of own Will above others in question.


Many a times one is forced to tell lies under the compelling conditions to safe  guard the sick, weak and aged ones from the sudden scares of probable untoward  future which may be gradually conveyed later on with necessary emotional support of concerns. The intentions of the harmless lies do not lie in the real sense of the term and as such can be ignored.


It is always better to remember and mind well too, that the Life of the Lies can never be long, even if promoted with the any amount of the window dressings and impressive styles to convince. It only makes for loosing credibility, respect and enjoyed position. Once a Liar always treated as a Liar and looked upon with suspicion which may be very painful ache. 


The Honesty is the Best Policy and a dependable Friend in Need who will never betray you in crisis. 


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