Might is Right



Normally, we think that “Right is always Right” on its own merit & need no supportive backing. Logically, that sounds obviously true. However, effectively that need not be or seldom not so, to our great surprise. The brightness & strength of the factual correct stand may be shadowed or differently painted in such a way, that one may be at a loss to visualize the real picture of the matter. As such, the eyewash of distorted facts looks reality. The misfortune plays around, and whatever observed by many… become right, even if that may be no way near the facts. Moreover, this illusive gimmick game of the Mighty may succeed the victory to ones dismay.  


Such crafty people are many. They are capable of doing anything to avail advantage or the benefits for their persons. Their strength to fulfill their wishes of gains are found in either position privileges or acquired from the concern influential persons against some deals.


Some people are lucky to possess the mighty power by birth due to the family status, social position & wealthy state. They enjoy the controlling say with respect to everything at each & every walk of life. Their wants supersede any one’s legitimate rights with the help of manipulating rules & regulations. The concern authority also coolly overlooks, in order to remain in their good books & get compensated with the unthinkable price. After all, it is hard to avoid self benefit desires.


Hereditary prestigious position in the society, confers right to voice own commands, no matter, they be fair or unfair to others. They become virtual supreme, to impose own verdicts of their whims & fancy, which none can ever question. Any one trying to ignore, may get crushed or subjected to severe punishments. Their hard luck deprives them of any right of mercy appeal or chance of being heard.


Many a times, religious heads try to threaten the followers to observe the customary traditional systems as per his conviction & practiced laws. If not, there will be a curse of God and they will have to be ready to face unforeseen hardships. Out of fright, people go out of the way to respect the sermons as gospel truth & refuse to think logically. It is extremely easy for them to persuade illiterate rustic folk who will never dare to disobey.


Authoritative position to make final decisions, encourage connivance. The powers to interpret & approve or reject the requested proposals can be conveniently used to serve own ends. They are in a position to take preferred shelter under the institutional policy or the commercial norms & the prevailing laws of the land in question. Hence, it is impossible to get the work done without their approval, even if the rightful rights are obviously present. 


Political powers can move the matters to any extant to suit self wishes. They are elected & made powerful to create & execute policies in the general interest of the public at large in the country. However, unfortunately & ironically, many tend to misuse their office & take maximum possible advantage during the available term. The chair inspires them to make hearty hey to unethical attractions without any fear, until the unfortunate time is faced.


Last but not the least, there are many other factors account for the superiority rights in the life. It may be age seniority; education, complexion, higher earnings, cast creed, social placement, intuitive ability, physical strength etc. which gift more right to score over the other members of the family or pertinent group.


All these things go to prove that Right without Might of any nature, may not find due place, though imagined to be powerful. It is really painful to accept, that it needs to be backed by the related might. However, queer enough but bitter truth is, might can create desired rights somehow & stand to gain. Needless to say, till Good Fortune continues to Bless!!! 



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