Please to Please


The word implies request for something or voice likely Happiness due to some event Reasons. But it may not necessarily mean or signify the joyous state, since it is influenced by the manner and method of usage at a given point of time.


 It is an Ever Ready & often used Handy Tool with every one to suit the situational needs. Indeed a very Useful & Faithful Assistant who is Committed & Dedicated to the assigned Role Play, be it Positive or of the Negative Nature. Always infer the Meant Meaning.


It may be a casual & polite way of welcome addressing or inviting some one to do something. It can be in the form of request to furnish or respond to provide some essential information.


 It is used to interrupt the talk and try to cool down the impulsive heated arguments & intervene to plead for the chance of being heard others’ views on the subject matter.


 It is also a way to exhibit outburst of anger over failure to follow & comply with the important instructions as per the laid down schedules.


 It is used to convey the strong objection & disapproval of the harmful indulgence or may inform displeasure over the outcome of omissions or mistakes made or tend to display the annoyance towards the observed behavior.


The added high tone creates strong impression & emphasis the importance and urgency of the ignored or overlooked matter. It may demand explanation, suggest corrections, caution future care or even may order removal from the scene.


It is treated as a measure of seeking sanctions for the desired proposals, permissions and grant of the mercy appeal for the special favors. The sincere approach for the kind attention & acceptance of the intended request may move the matter on the planned & wished Routes.


It is a good media to pacify & encourage some one in distress or facing the sufferings of the compelling conditions & the hurts of the Misfortunes.


It amounts to be a best way to express hearty Feelings. It is used to beg forgiveness from God or from any one for that matter, on account of wrongs for anything which may be real or thought to have been done.


It is capable of making the personal request to avail kind helpful support or seek the grace & blessings of the awaited fulfillments or try to ensure only the honor of the occasions.


This versatile word has the element of offering innumerable choice options to cater & inbuilt ability to convey Wanting Ways, but better to use with the due respect, so as to become Nice & Effective.