Positive Thinking


Hi! Let us share some thoughts on the illusive thinking. We feel at times, that had we been in a different place than the present one, ‘ might have had managed the Show with ease & could have found the solutions of things in our favor. Well, may I say, the management of the situation is never at the mercy of the Time Differential / Place / Influence of the available Choices with the Laws of the Land!! If you can recall the saying, “ One always feels, the other side of the Valley is / may be Green “ and try to look for being / reach there. However, if /when  ‘can land there, would find it to be more/less the same bear on position to one’s Dismay?!

 Please don’t you worry about anything, think of only action plan to achieve whatever you may wish for! I am sure, God / Nature will bless you with success. I strongly believe & feel that if you have Absolute & unconditional faith in Him, His grace/care/concern, you will always find Him by your side when there is a strong need, beyond your reach. You will find yourself lifted up suddenly by Him in case of emergency, even without your asking for help!

 We may have difficult / tough Test Paper before us but we have got to appear & write whatever we can, as it is compulsory to attempt with no chance of options / choice of selection. If we submit the blank paper & walk out, with the fear of failure, it will be worst state, as we and not the destiny, would be responsible for the adverse out come??  Who is to be blamed? After all… competitive tests are bound to be hard and not easy to be through! I know, you are laughing away my saying all these, you may, but please give a thought to this version of life & its ways & you may feel some comfort in coping with Stress & Tensions?!


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