Puppet Show



Normally speaking, we refer it to be an entertaining event for the joy of Children by staging some musical small play. The lightings, actions, movements and the colorful dressings of the various dolls are designed to create a definite impression and effects on the minds of the viewers. The purpose is to tell a story & a theme message of some importance in a lighter way.


If we think, this method of the Drama in a different perspective of our Lives, we can find the similar unnoticed pattern followed by the Nature also. We are all treated and Made different types of nothing but Puppets with assigned Roles to play in a predetermined positions and placements to perform and stage interactions in a particular rhythms for the allotted course of time.


The destiny holds the string in its hands and makes us dance around to comply with its entire drama of actions. It merrily allows us to think that we are free and independent to make our own plans of Life Styles of choice and intentions by our competence, efforts, wills and wishes without any ones interference and imposed commands. We shall do or refuse what we like and feel pleased.


Many a times, we are shocked and surprised to find that suddenly something happens and we fail to accomplish or reach our targets. We are unable to understand the unknown reasons beyond our knowledge and control. We start feeling disappointed and dejected to do anything in the matter. We are left with only option to blame our bad luck, some evil curse or God given punishments.


We have to carry on with our Life Journey and learn to live with our Lots. We may be happy or hard hit to the extent we can compromise and reconcile with the given situations. We have to keep going till one fine day suddenly we get withdrawn from the scene without any intimation of the termination. The Nature decides to pull back the string and the show ends. We are made to make an exit so that we can be sent back again with the New Role Play to participate with the existing or different images.   


It would be better if we can realize the fallacy of our own strength in absence of His Grace. How helpless we are without Creator’s (His) Permissions & Approvals? So, the best thing is to do our Might but keep no Expectations of desired Returns which are not in our Hands. The puppets have No Rights of their own!



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Played by John Torp


Used with permission


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