Range of Hurts



Very vide and strong enough to be effective in active or even passive role. Mostly infer physical injury or wound. But, can be invisible Mental or Emotional nature also. The impact and healing time depend on the severity of the root cause, as well as operative motives.


Normally, one is likely to get hurt through over sight due to pre occupied state of mind or over work exertion. The careless handling of hazardous & harmful things due to lack of essential knowledge or even over confidence may create undue injury. 


Many a times, alien enemies or anti social elements treat this as a weapon to scare & threat to impose unacceptable deals or agreement to submit to their directives and unjustified demands.


The governing authority, use this as one of the device to punish crimes and bring around the stubborn prisoners to come out with true information & admit modus operandi.


Queer enough but bitter reality, that at times, own trusted near & dear persons are responsible for the hurts to serve their selfish ends. The favorable placement & enjoyed confidence empower them to seek needed opportunity & easily escape all wrong deeds.


The thinking & behavior pattern of human mind is also unpredictable on many occasions. In order to prove & convey supremacy and authority of position, aims at inflicting unjust treatment of raw deals to own people who always care & support.


The sense of duty with a desire to save & safeguard dependants or in discharge of official duty, one may intentionally try to over look self interest and expose to probable danger of harmful hurt to any extent.


It is very difficult to visualize and accept the fact that at times, there can be self invited hurts to display displeasure or express self humiliation & anger over some matters of concern. The untold mounting frustration to control & cope with the prevailing situation and feeling of helplessness on account of unfulfilled intentions can also be possible reasons for self disregard.


Unbelievable but there can be mysterious hurts, which can neither be foreseen nor is easy to withstand the hidden impact. Fate alone is the mighty decider to victimize or spare with mercy!



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