Reflective Rules of Respect



Every living being wishes to get ones due share of respect, regardless of age, position, status, competence, cast & creeds or any other influencing factors. Even animals and birds can understand the respectful treats & disregards, though they are unable to converse. Strange enough but one likes to receive and reluctant to extend which is not a healthy sign of approach to any one.


There are very many prompting reasons of showing the respects which may be nothing beyond routine rituals of customs and traditions to please seniors & superiors.


It may be out of sense of duty or acts of official honors to maintain Goodwill and amicable cordial relations of the concerns. It can be with respect to prevailing code of conduct in order to bring around difficult terms of self interest & avail special favors of choice.


The fear of compulsions in discharge of obligations & feelings of helplessness also induce the respect to get required exemptions & concessions to cope with the adverse situations.


The malpractice of selfish intentions may be mollified under the shelter of impressive show of high respects which is only lips services to escape following punishments.


It is likely to be given to comply with the instructions & policy orders to establish & develop own strong holds against competitors.


There can be appreciations of kindness & recognition of outstanding exceptional Good work behind the earned respect of value. The sincerity & dedication towards the assigned work or selfless noble ways of life initiate respect from all corners.


Whatever be the reflective cause, but should be natural & out of honest feelings forever and not changing colors of convenience as per the whimsical mind & Moods of the Winds!


Normally speaking, Law of Nature moves along the “Reciprocal Response” of getting what you give in return, but that may not always be so, due to “Operative Providence” of the Fate. Hence, what is true today may not hold good tomorrow. It is very much essential to carry out confirmation, time & again, about the related subject matters to be on the safer side.



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