Rewarding Awards



They are considered to be the essential measures to evaluate, encourage and appreciate the outstanding performance of the contributors. They can be in tangible or intangible manner in the form of cash and or in the shape of trophy with the certificate or could be the prestigious titles. The spirit behind this idea is to acknowledge the remarkable talents in any area of activities and boost up the morale of the concern as also the related associates. The initiative of the innovative invention, exemplary efficiency of efforts in saving resources and securing the higher returns also deserve the due attention.


There are many selfless silent people working for the betterment of mankind in the society & promote the happiness of welfare in the lives of the sufferers. Such special souls seek satisfaction from within in their aim of service with sincerity for the noble causes. The Almighty and mother nature, is bound to witness their work and also give due rewards without asking or wishing, but it is unwritten obligation for the viewers to extend the respect and regards in some form of the appreciative Awards.


It is certain that rewards act as an incentive to wake up others and improve own methods to avail desired place by displaying their valuable note worthy results. Hence, this motivation of the healthy competition can prove to be beneficial for all concern. However, that also acts as feeling of jealousy & punishment for inert and lazy egoists with the negative attitude due to self shortcomings. Such individuals can never be inspired to think of the new and effective ways in their working styles. 


There are no two opinions about the place of rewarding awards and its importance for the challenging & commendable accomplishments. They are meant for the genuine cases of honors. Hence utmost caution & care is required to ensure that they are not cornered by vested interests of influential groups to serve their self ends. God forbid, but if that happens, the Charm of the purpose would be lost & the Awards become Business. 



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