Roads of Crimes


Seem simple short cut to reach & accomplish the luxurious lavish livings of life without much effort. It is thought to be the magic way to fulfill longings without waiting & avail the things of wish intentions for self & concern near ones. They follow the mottoes of amassing self gains somehow at any cost without fears of violating rules & regulations, self conscious ethics, code of conducts or respect for the sensible norms of logical deals.


This route mostly selected or compelled to adhere for the unjust & unknown reasons of no merits. There are many operative motives behind this option which vary with each involved individuals. It may be own initiative or imitative idea for the quick gains. May have been chosen in an impulsive moments of anger, injustice, rivalry, competition, revenge & revolt desires or may have been imposed, persuaded or forced upon greedy, but senseless silly & timid, who can be easily trapped by wicked anti social persons.


The powerful position, influential connections, rich resources and vested interest supporters give courage & over confidence in the supposed to be full proof planning, capable of providing essential protections to secret operational methods. Hence sure to enjoy the fruits of acquired convenient stage & state of situations forever, without any hurdles of hardships as per wishes.


Everything appears most successful & beneficial, till the luck shields the crimes. However one day, the strong holds of this fragile castle collapses, due to exposed facts and loads of committed crimes. It generates sequence of dreadful horrors of criminal acts and frightening scares of getting caught any moment and subjected to punishments.


The life gets ruined and become painful curse, because of own makings of undue temptations of illegal gains to be wealthy or to serve unjustified aims of self ends. If once made the entry, there is no chance of exit, since these roads are always one way streets, where only forward movements are permitted & enforced by assumed laws of that world. No amount of begging requests of regrets to take mercy & allow returns are heard, but may be made to leave the life itself to ensure the safeguard to their own lives against the defiance likely hood.


It is very much essential & utmost important to remember and mind well too, that these roads can never lead to the heavens of good life, but definitely reach one to the undesired hell.



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