Scarcity of Time



Well! How can so many things be done? It looks very difficult & unlikely that we would finish with everything in such a short time! Don’t expect me to create the miracle with some magic! Where is the Time for all these…? I don’t have even breathing time for myself, what to talk of helping you? And similar such expressions we hear very often from almost all. Searching for additional quota of Time is obviously seems impossible thing to achieve!? God must be wondering at this usual complain from His images, since He has already given fixed number of hours in advance to every one to organize the needed activities of the work schedules.


The reasons may be genuine ones or could be the unacceptable kind. But, how to resolve this questionable question is the riddle before us. We can make honest attempt, if we sincerely wish to do so by undertaking the self analysis of the problems in view.


Many a times it is nothing but the preferred pretends to escape the situation demands without hurting any one in the process. It is also the most common & convenient excuse given for refusing to grant the requested favors without any fear of the hard feelings. It is considered to be the decent way to deny the unwilling things or amounts to the nice justification for the ignorance & inability to complete the planned tasks.


It may be a purposeful Delay tactics to serve some ends in mind or lack of needed interest in doing allotted work. Many a times it is used to show off the superiority of self importance & avoid undesired things. It may be on account of wanting to attend many things simultaneously in order to do everything alone in a given short span of time. 


There may be an illusory thinking of responsibility of running the entire show and hence try to shoulder more burden than one can withstand or make undue hurry with slow reflexes and grasp of the techniques which would result in spoiled efforts demanding the Rework to ones dismay.  


The Time shortage may be experienced due to lack of required speed, knowledge & competence of the work, preoccupied state of mind, ill health or too meticulous approach of even minor details at the cost of keeping the time schedules.


One may consume more than necessary time due to absence of the related information, unfamiliarity of assignments, the supportive systems’ failures or taking up of the half way attended work of some one.


We may run short of time during the emergency extra work loads, attempting to the innovative creations, experimenting on unknown methods, undertaking the research work or obliged to make the crucial decisions and like wise causes.


In spite of any work pressures & urgencies, whatever are the compelling forces, one always finds time to devote for the things of the keen interests or something personal & self pleasing to fulfill the wish wants.


With regards to any responsible factors, we can try to plan out our agenda of work in such a way that it shouldn’t be difficult to cope with our load or at least can succeed to cover up maximum possible things to our satisfaction. We can think of getting extended hours only within the Available Limits. 



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