Search of Happiness



Every one desires & look-forward to achieve the set targets in life. The Haves and Have-nots, both are running around in search of realizing dream wishes and happiness. They try to do their might within their own capacity, in order to find or maximize the self satisfaction of getting intense Wish Wants & reaching the envisaged Dream World.


This search never ends, since the subject matter of craved requirements is ever shifting nature with the flow of time. The illusory, difficult, momentary and completed things get replaced by agenda of New Wants. The fresh search & struggle starts in the direction of unknown ways. It is extremely difficult but, very much essential to determine as to what will make for happiness? Which of the realized wants will contribute for my heart content & self-satisfaction? Why is there a feeling of something missing, resulting in state of restless mind & discomfort? When will I have complete fulfillment & peace of mind? These questionable questions always remain unresolved and haunting at the back of ones mind. There are no readymade answers available anywhere. It is for each individual to think & decide ones own priorities and draw a line of accomplished stage.


It is very much necessary to assess & equate the acquired tangibles and abstract values at a given point of time & likely balance term of life on hand. The search within inner self may foresee and find out the real state of possessions. The voice of Vision will give clear picture of Direction and Deals undertaken and Tally of Results created with own Actions or Inactions. That will also indicate, the count of blessings and currently enjoyed pleasures and favors due to His Grace. These reflections may satisfy or suggest needed amends.


The millions can make one wealthy and capable of being the means of meeting most of the needs but may not make for Inner Peace. That may be found in Selfless Service to mankind in need and contributing for the fulfillment and joy in the lives of others in problems. The contented heart and satisfaction of noble deeds would surely make for Happiness in Life.




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Composed & played by John Torp

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