Torment of Punishments



Everybody is always scared & worried with very thought of likely instance of penalty for misdeeds of unauthorized things, violation of laid down norms, disobeying of authority in power or failure of assigned responsibility and inability to perform as per the desired level of efficiency.


 The reasons may be innocently genuine & beyond the control of given situation needs or could be the laps through oversight only. However, there may be purposeful known acts to ignore prevailing regulations & traditions or breaking of laws of the land, to suite own wishes of serving self ends.


At this point, we can not forget the third set of causes responsible for the harmful actions. It is unfortunate that some are made victims of being played in the hands of powerful antisocial elements and forced to follow the threatening directives helplessly or one may be obliged to honor the commands of the superiors in order to survive & withstand own compelling circumstances or there can be willful illegal acts due to the temptation of availing quick gains of intentions.


Whatever be the reasons, nothing can justify wrong deeds and escape the followed punishments. The outcomes of actions not only affect self, family, society & ethical values, but also endanger the commercial, legal & position of rights as the citizen. The degree & tenure of punishments depend on the nature & extent of motivated losses or damage done in the process.


The authorized person in charge of dealing with the involved matters or the government machinery, investigate the charges of the offence & find the guilt of the convicted. It may be factual, apparent on the basis of evidence or manipulated proofs as devised by wasted interests, to ones dismay of bad luck.


The matter ends with the verdict of decided punishments. It may be warning of taking care & nominal fine or heavy penalty for life. The affected prestige may terminate dear & important position of the relations & connections leading to the remorse of neglects.


Strange enough, but there are self imposed penance for the thought of injustice done to some one out of impulsive anger, agony of own frustrations or ill health, partiality due to moral compulsion or punishing of innocent for want of timely information of facts on account of any reasons. When later on truth comes to light or realized, feel very sorry & ashamed of own actions and try to seek forgiveness time & again with self inflicted measures, to mitigate or reduce the feeling of imagined sins but the tension never ends.


The surprising & shocking situation arises when the punishment of indifferent behavior comes from the own near and dear ones whom you hold in high regards of esteem due to some mysterious reasons. The depth of sentimental & emotional bondage, permit extending of only humble request of favor to disclose the responsible cause or treat that as  Godís Wishes and Suffer in Silence!



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