Trust confusion



Trust is an extremely essential and important element of life in order to ensure smooth sailing of any system of dealings in view. It may be of personal & social nature or pertaining to official & commercial contract connections. The confidence of desired outcome prevails only if there is a healthy state of the mutual trust. It is necessary to enjoy the trust of the persons we are interacting in any capacity to perform well & in the same way we are required to trust others to get the best possible results of the assigned work & maintain the harmony of peaceful conditions.


We do feel comfortable & happy if we can have the advance information of the sincerity track record of the concern individuals, since that can minimize the worry of risk factor. However in reality, it is neither practical nor is possible situation of our day to day life. Still we have to trust people around us to get our work done. After all, no one can claim to do everything by oneself! We are required to move along & be one with the flow of total work schedule of prevailing system, so that assigned responsibility of functions can be duly discharged.  


At every stage & matters of life, we have to accept the challenge of risk element of cheating, harm & hardships of the likely deception & also the resultant loss to our bad luck. As such, everybody has to be given & also imagined to get, the fair chance of displaying ones own ability & freedom of proving the worth of individual integrity & competence. Everything is new & the first time experience for all of us. The record gets build up & make for the past history, only after the repeats of the same or alike work requirements for some duration of time.


We are welcome to make our judgment based on the past reference if available & hope to ensure the advantage of cashing the benefit for self or own related ones without fear. However effectively, there is no guarantee of anything, since it is impossible to predict the fate of trust on any one on different occasions. It may end up in life time regrets or turn out to be pleasant surprise. The mental make up, the thinking of attached values & wishes of the same persons also change to fulfill new expectations. 


The strange enough, but at times the unknown & new ones perform better than the known & related ones. This may be due to our extra care & caution & hidden ability of the outsiders. Where as mostly, we are unaware of crafty attitude & harmful intentions of the known sources or even own trusted near & dear ones, on account of blind faith & feelings for them. They may hit you hard & make you suffer beyond words, when they succeed to serve the selfish ends regardless of anything & anybody.   


Nothing seems all time true of any one. None is good or bad always while dealing with everybody. The confusion of trust results remains forever & still we trust to get advantage but may sustain adversity due to hard luck. 



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