Unknown Happening



Every one is struggling and striving to resolve the ambiguity of innumerable matters of concern & values. In fact feeling totally lost to locate the root reasons of the many unexplainable situations & prevailing conditions. No amount of careful planning, due efforts of the execution with sincere and honest ways of work also seem working to reach the intended results. At the same time careless, rash and whimsical actions becoming fruitful to even wild anticipations. The wonders of the constant success or failures at many stages and walk of life of some, obviously generate series of questions “Why” which never come within the purview of visions of mortals like us! The super power prefers to unfold the outcomes of the pertinent plights suddenly to surprise of the concerns. Till then, hides the Play of Fate and be the silent spectator of subjects, breathing in a sigh of sufferings, or keep watching the game of good luck.      


We observe the partial deals amongst different persons for the basic necessities and amenities of life, possession of bestowed legacy, care, comforts & chances of opportunities, accord, support & peace of life styles & fulfillment of intended wishes etc. , for the lots of the fortunate, and altogether deprivation, cravings and longings of practically even smallest & bear minimum survival needs, hardships, trials of strength to sustain  the endless calamities etc. , in the lives of the ill fated.    


Many people envy the good health constitution and attractive appearance of the charming looks of the individuals, which they may be feeling wanting or short falling with own selves. They try their level best with the various devices to make required changes of no avails, and meet with the disappointments of the reality. The another major cause of the competitions, come up with regards to the natural competence, capability, initiatives of the quick understandings of the grasping and the followed achievements of the credits etc. , which are found to be in sharp contrast to own abilities & quality levels of the poor standings.  The regarded recognitions of some, and the rejections due to the own failures or the evil spells, make for the dejections and frustrations, which keep ever pinching   the mind & arise the question “why am I like this & subjected to struggles only”, to the Almighty.   


It is always a sad story to witness and even more to under go, the differentiation amongst siblings on account of some convictions of past traditions & unjust systems. The partial & painful treatments, haunt strongly though out the life. All can well recall the experience of such prejudice in their lives, if asked to narrate. Several seem to be very lucky to enjoy the trust, confidence, special favors & place of significance, compare to possibly cursed lives of some, which are meant to be neglected, ill treated, blemished and unwanted by all to their dismay. The “battle of questions”, of these conditions can’t be solved by any one.


The work of unknown destiny, at times makes for alarming and racking wanes beyond imagination. Nothing can be done to control the eventuality of the happenings. The helpless circumstances leave no choice but to suffer in silence and beg of some mercy from supreme force. There are no convincing answers, as to “why” deserving denied the rightful rights of merits, against the influences of the favoritisms of the vested interests. There is no redress of grievance in this process of injustice, except to cry out the state of misery as “bad luck of mine!” in self solace. That is all!


We all have countless unresolved questions, but no options but to accept the defeats. I would like to share with you all, a secret of strength to “develop”, the forbearance in fortitude with smile and in strides, if you can analyze and view the visions of the related causes of the Nature’s laws of commands, in imposing the punishments of the plights. It is natural of the humans, to look for the reasons of the adversity & try to fix the blames somewhere on someone to seek the satisfaction. This way proves to be useless at a later stage.


It is necessary to foresee that The God or Luck is impartial and indifferently alike for all, without any reservations of the “treatments”. The blessings of the rewards or the torment of the tensions & turmoil is the destined destiny of the concerns. The prevailing present of today, has a relevant connection to our own "Karmic Deeds", made during the chain of past births with the makings of the current birth in question. If this Truth can be visualized, there will be No headaches and the heartaches of  the “Unknown Happening”!!   



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