Value of Promise



It depends on the thinking of the individuals about the Place & Role of the Promise. May be Honest & Sincere or Nothing Beyond a move to justify the deeds & seek the Saving Grace.


It is very easy to give for the sake of saying only to emphasize ones point & forget it later. It may be only an eye-wash to escape some compulsions and postpone the solutions. Many a times, it is used as Face-Saving Device and a Gimmick to run away from the responsibility and invite sympathy for lapses.


It is also treated as a Handy Tool to display ones powerful & the convenient position to bring around the terms of desired deals in self interest. That may be in the nature of false hopes to hide the state of facts and try to get the favorable support.


It becomes a strong Will when given to own self to withstand & endure anything to reach the Dream Vision of the Life. That displays the determination to do the Definite Deeds and Achieve the Success of guarding the interests of self and dependants, regardless of any hardships, hazards, hurdles or heartaches.  


Acting as a reminder to shaky and uncertain persons, advice to gather strength from within and Stick to expressed Vows and make sincere mends to harmful actions.


May amount to be a media of cooling down the heated moments and control the prevailing hasty Decisions of Discord & Establish the Harmony.


A single soothing word of promise to assure Care & Concern can pacify the anger & anguish of the Restless Mind immediately & promote the desired Peace of Heart.


Thus, the Promise has many inbuilt Values of the Usages, depending on the Wish Intentions of the concern individuals.



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