Waves of Urgency



Every thing of each one is always urgent if that concerns self, irrespective of age, place, position and the reasonable reasons. The matters may be minor or be major issue needing prior preparations of careful planning & execution. But unwilling to appreciate & understand the possibility of availing desired things at that point of time or even at the later stage. Own wish wants are considered to be the supreme and the foremost which are expected to be had at any cost somehow.


Each one is aiming at getting priority attention and preferential completion of own matters of choices even by side tracking & superseding others rightful rights. The feeling of the urgency may be genuine or could be only imaginary one but one is inclined to run around restlessly to reach and grab whatever in mind instantly. Well, due to Good Luck or whatever be the cause, if happen to succeed in gaining one goal, the urgency gets shifted on the other matter and the new anxious search of the fresh need begins.


There are endless wants coming up constantly in series like the successive waves in the sea, one following the other immediately & after reaching the shore, tend to diminish with the time factor. Whatever thought to be essential & urgent today, may get discarded & replaced by something else as important thing to achieve tomorrow and so on. The human minds have got ever changing mood, requirements and unpredictable preferences at different moments of the life journey. That may or may not have any definite logical explanations.


The same individuals try to extend many excuses to turn down & avoid the approval of the grants pertaining to others. The advice of merits, rules of the required waiting, procedures of the regulations, compelling factors to consider or reject etc. are given and merrily ignore the importance of the desired favor of attention. The subjected ones may get disappointed and feel obliged to bear their plights in fortitude or fight out the fate like a brave worrier and make tireless efforts in the hope of winning one day.  


It is a debatable question as to what is supposed to be urgent & who would be fortunate to avail the longed for chances? The intensity of craving differs with the individuals, the given situations, changing circumstances, mental make up of the involved and the attitude of the person suffering the deprivations. One can strive and pray to Almighty to get the bliss of intended wishes but there is no guarantee of success. The result of outcome is determined & governed by the plans of the superior nature which is beyond the control of the mortals.