Accept change feel as best


  Accept change feel as best


Accept change feel as best


True not easy to watch & observe

Things look undergo a big change

Anytime occur swiftly as surprise

Since never may have expected it


Reveal dear ones also appear defy

Believed hope & sincerity of trust

Sure to standby own support next

Since have hold in loving concern


But fall short vision human mind

Tend swing & shift canít imagine

Think different way in own whim

As no sense of sanity look prevail


Inspire aim self centered benefits

Picture image of rosy life fantasy

Since rouse by only rash impulse

In fact illusion source regret later


But base terrible hurt to concern

Suffer in agony & battle in mind

Why seem fated suffer as own lot

Though none of own fault attract


Unaware be bliss only in disguise

From power above detach wrong

Correlated life position as intend

Set right as can image hard blow


And force decide suitable action

Feel firm while pain as sensitive

See useless bear weight of harm

And high time stop tolerate then


Make out have slip-up as judge

True colour of disguised selfish

Who are held close dear & near

But not worthy find that situate


One may believe or not but sure

The Nature have hidden system

Move change save the sufferers

Realize later destined how vital


And prove bliss whilst find exist

Tension free life of ease & peace

As can delight life of own choice

With content of great happiness



Music now Playing "Plan for tomorrow"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp




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