Agony of missed Blesses


Everybody has inborn instinct

To be the fortunate person at

Each stage and in all matters

Concerning self & near-dears


But the wishes and realizations

Rarely tend too good to be true

Or at least give some happiness

Or spare the curse of hard luck


Wanting causes may be minor

For some of the things in life

And for short durations only

So some time can be remedy


Whereas reason can be major

And of the permanent nature

Moving along entire life span

Since beyond human powers


Regrets may be genuine ones

For scarcity of basic needs

And the comfortable living

Obviously one hopes to get


Can be for cherished chances

Playing around & vanishing

Fading every honest attempt

Cause dismay of frustrations


Can be lack of fruitful aims

And initiatives of execution

Result failures of own fault

But cry & blame the ill fate


Dreams of wishful thinking

And fact of unfulfilled state

May be due to own making

Or be agony of missed Blesses



Music now playing:

'Tell me why your love for me has gone'

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with permission 

Background by John Torp




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