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Many a time we hear some people say that they are awfully busy do anything for anyone including self so as unable find time fulfill even own wish & required things. So better none think request & expect any favour help at all. Also seem grumble a lot get least chance tell nothing moves without own presence, advice, support, instructions & what all such things show self importance of snobbish attitude, maybe try hide own inefficiency or in some cases as well be the reality of overload, imposed by superiors or can be own making as take many assignments’ responsibility.


In any case let whatever the reason, not a healthy working way & so must be set right in the interest of all concern. If the work doesn’t finish in reasonable time for a long period; sound inability, lack of knowhow, unwillingness to complete or seem a tactic hint of clear motive without words. Such problems must be evaluated & corrective action taken to fix them soon. But if find there be only excuse to avoid work, know someone else will finish as can’t wait for a long. Then some right advice & fear of punishment may work fine.  


And if there be genuine over load of work, that need be reduced or assistance plan is necessary as none can bear the heavy load for a long time & so result hamper the output, though trust be very capable person. After all none is super powerful human keep working tireless know even machine refuse to work if exceed load limit & also require break time, else totally stop work.


However, if happen too busy due to own invite involve many assignments cross limit, then must blame self alone for that state. It would be wise to think that none is indispensible & there are others also who can share the work do equally well. Moreover, devoting the undue extra efforts, time & energy at the cost of self leisure, health & happy time ignore dear ones’ desired company never prove be the sensible thing.


As the praise credit do not last long when you are unable continue perform well for any reason. Then realize all the appreciative words were just the lip service induce the work done & also find have got detached from the related dears, neglect their feelings. Perhaps too late then make any amend.   


Well, it is good to always remain busy with something essential, productive & creative so as use the time gainfully earn livelihood for self & dependents make the life comfortable & happy one per own desire. And if the wage earning is not required be rich family member, lucky have bestowed legacy, unfortunate inability due to any reason like customary taboo, sickness, old age or happen have rightful retired life after ensure living needs till end, then too some activity of own choice is necessary but everything should be logical, feasible & within own talent ability hope be successful.


In sharp contrast there are some people, clever enough & so well organized so as can timely handle everything that they think need be done whether at personal level for own related they care for or look discharge official duty meet the target flow of work schedule or while hold the social commitments of any nature. They are quick attend things, know what should delegate get assistance & also have mastered multitasking skill attend many things at the same time so as be cool & confident finish even heavy load with smile.


As such better never say “am too busy” as time will not wait for anyone suit convenience of ease & wish & tend leave behind only regret if once fail do what ought to have been duly done. And whenever think of that incident feel sorry for the beyond repair lapse. That could have been saved only if had value of time & foresight give due priority attention. God is kind & impartial to us all gift equal 24 hours every day decide use how best left to each one of us.  




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