Amazing Bank of God



Everybody is keen & interested

Have some bank account deposit

Own savings made from earning

And also receipts of gifts if lucky


Desire to transact regular deals

Or provide for the emergencies

Amid operative security & ease

Live tensions free commitments


But overlook or forgets perhaps

To have must account with God

Generate balance of good deeds

Invisible get deposited in favour


Whilst helping hands extended

Wish to help out other humans

Facing misfortune of bad luck

With hardships of heartaches


May concern near & dear ones

Or relate to unknown sufferers

View all with same compassion

In kind sympathy & noble feels


Regard as services to mankind

Live like services to God above

Seek happiness comfort others

Give smile get relief of remedy


Grand advantage one can find

Be unique continuity feature

Flow move eternal to eternity

Bless instant help during crisis


Unwise miss wonderful facility

Set by amazing Bank of God

Build big favourable balance

Certain of auto returns benefit


Music now Playing "I just wonder how"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission


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