Amazing Bliss for me


Though I may think time & again

Can not imagine my fate can find

Chance of your wonderful grace

Oh! God you have kindly blessed

Fill my heart with magic delights


Has brought me the cooling feels

Amid never perceived happiness

Modify the outlooks towards life

Develop positive feels forget past

That continues hurt of hard luck


Speechless there seems no words

Suits sing songs of sincere praise

To appreciate your concern care

Vision as your surprise presence

Even for the unfortunate like me


Each breath makes for nice feels

Please fills rainbow colour in life

Reveal promising promise of joy

Wait at every stage & step ahead

With all bright future fulfillment


Now have deleted all the records

That nurtures harmful influence

Of unpleasant incidence of deals

Source only enmity of ill feelings

Not worth storing in so short life


Wish to thank you so much now

Power & kindle my missing way

I well experience every moment

Sustain with smile any suffering

With your Amazing Bliss for me


Music now Playing "What a clear blue sky"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background "green014.jpg" taken from


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