Anything for You


 Oh! My dear sweet heart

I desire will do anything

That all may please you

Just would want to do


I need hardly tell you so

Since you do know well

How precious I hold you

In sincere love for you


You will find me there

Meet at your wish state

And level you feel nice

Move along with ease


I will never pressurize

And force you unduly

But welcome chances

If find do please you


That be joyful much

Give what happiness

Words can’t describe

As honour from you


Wish to do anything

That may delight you

I feel you my dear

As special bliss in life


I respect your feels

With faith in my fate

The destined blesses

Sure flow between us


So not necessary say

Spell my inner feels

That you are aware

Sharing in your grace


Not more is expected

Whatever you feel fine

Is okay with me too

I heartily love you


Anything…for you….!!!!!



Music now Playing :-

"Fly along with me"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission 


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