Appear simple but not silly


As the saying goes, simple living & high thinking is the best policy in the life if wish live easy & peaceful without undue tensions of hassle & complication. That also makes it clear to all what things you may like & dislike if want to get along well while interact in any capacity at home, as a friend, as colleague in office, when participate in social gatherings, undertake any commercial & business deals & though seem meet anyone casually once in a while.


But living this simple way alone doesn’t let one exist fine as others around not necessarily believe likewise have own idea suit serve self interest at the given point of time. And in doing so, rarely hesitate misuse the confidence trust, goodness of loving care, logical norm of right & wrong way of behaviour & ignore think the reaction result when get exposed.


As desire carryon own manner as long as can make it, hope always & if may get caught, think be clever trick excuse deny blame charge & also make the other side feel bad having express the doubt & can force restore the prior good feel state of relation rest peace. And expect continue own living style without any fear.


But the big question is whose fault it is if not realize such harmful situation happen prevail since a long. And when see light of bitter fact, breakdown in grief but look too late amend harm done & feel lost decide if ever pardon the liable person. Again the self-centered people are never bothered be forgiven or not, know in any case they had already done what intended.


Well, it is good to be kind hearted care for the feelings of all & try to fulfill the need of not only own related but always selflessly help anyone in trouble. But their kindness chance taken for granted by many consider as the rightful right get wish support even without asking. And reflect nothing great if feel own duty as have talent & will power take responsibility. Also able suffer misery unlike inability & reluctance of the delicate self.


We can say the simple loving & friendly attitude mostly regarded as sign of being how stupid not see obvious crafty ways & get played around with emotions allow achieve selfish aim. And sense later bound to forget all favours & get rid of them if need no more. After all whoever treated as just the stepping-stone is felt useless after move ahead. So what if happen is near & dear relative or be unrelated kind person.


As such it is essential to be watchful all the time & logic the interaction ways of everybody without being unduly sentimental have blind faith so can protect self respect & stand dignity. As well got be sharp alert guard likely backstabbing from cunning.  Wise mind well, the wish intention of the people including even blood relations is subject to change with time. So need sense the reason behind goody-goody approach & defy belief seem silly fail notice when happen taken for a ride with sweet talk charm of pleasing praise & let succeed serve self gain.  


Background by John Torp


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