Attachment make happy & hurt too


  Attachment make happy & hurt too


Attachment make happy & hurt too


Our life is governed by the attachments

Of varying degree towards any existing

Own relations hold rightful place in life

Or though unrelated but exist close one


Can just be casually known people only

Interact for specific time for similar aim

When student, in office & business deal

Or jointly do social work or as traveling


Or be in nature of daily specific service

Get it on agreed terms against payment

Or let be momentary impulse of feeling

Be glad & sad hear about unknown one


Also for the pet animal & bird may like

As feel attached like any home member

Can be for crave place, position, power

Prefer home location, city & living way


And just as attached to material things

That develops be habit use all the time

So as fantasy feel lucky join particular

Educational institute, company & club


All kind of attachment greatly depend

On individual mindset & own attitude

Base on upbringing effect understand

Own situate as against look for others


Sensitivity & intensity of the feelings

Of the involve concern plays big roll

When get attach to anybody or thing

Feel possessive & fear lost if missing


But everything may get wear & tear

 So need replace after a point of time

And attachment of personal relation

Also should expect change with time


As weight by change feeling of value

Realize reality of both side positions

And wish stand correct let may hurt

As feelings exist only if be reciprocal


Again best of the any life connection

May come to an end though no fault

See get snatch away by cruel destiny

Cause the hard blow of hurt forever


All the same life will be sure lifeless

If sense no attachment for anybody

At most wise not expect return love

Can save pain of despair & distress


As such attachment feels alone can

Inspire be patient, tolerant & kind

Accept & respect each one as seem

Look life attractive & worth living



Music now Playing "Now that we are together again"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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