Be too good no good


  Be too good no good


Be too good no good


Well goodness is big asset

Of human being as virtue

Everyone suppose to have

Be glad help others happy


Considered make for joy

None can ever express it

And no money can buy it

See means any live joyful


Unfortunately fail notice

Selfish plan play behind

Take possible advantage

And fulfill intended wish


As sensitive kind persons

Easy treat stepping-stone

Or utilize like a doormat

Proceed safely & discard


That hidden fact disclose

When truth come to light

Prove true colour image

Of the envisaged content


That state is hard to live

Perhaps angry with self

Blame why couldn’t see

Feasible reasons so long


But nothing can be done

And sense as good lesson

Be sharp clever in future

Not label emotional fool


Nice be good & kind one

But not so as others feel

Free to take for granted

Be cool induce generous

Serve purpose as please



Music now Playing "Do you remember"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp





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