Be worthy claim wishes



Mostly usual habit with many

Live lazy do hardly anything

Be constructive & useful kind

Better own & related ones life


They decide seat idle but wish

Enjoy desired living comforts

Expect others provide always

And blame for wants shortage


Complain they find no chance

Fortune of facilities & favour

Happen be successful persons

Accomplish special nice things


Refuse believe important facts

First should have self initiative

Try hard make possible efforts

Reach & achieve ones set goals


Still when some problems arise

Invisible spirits inspire & bless

Visions tackle & solve difficulty

Lead matters in right direction


There are many helpful people

Like messenger of God appear

Extend some surprise support

Live through sustain the crisis


If wish fortune of dream world

Grab advantage of the benefits

Have to endow own endurance

Position self be suitably worthy

Nothing results outright as gifts


Music now Playing "Do you know"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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