Best to speak your mind


On the face of it sound simple & agree with the idea feel should be that way only. As naturally we all have got right have own opinion about the matter concern self, related or even hold view about unknown anybody. In fact the constitution of the country as well grant right of free expression, so no worry indeed.


Apart from that it is necessary to express self as bring to the notice of concern hearers see own point of view & the merit of the logic behind help understand the right & wrong side of the issue. And may force prevail over othersí thinking in the interest of all.


Each one has been endowed by birth different level of aptitude & mind power grasp need of the situation & the capacity of the handling way as best. As such when some feel lost what to do see even small problem, some seem envisage a way to cope with & quietly suggest due solution to deal with even the toughest time.


But the things are not that easy at all, as always happen to confront with ego clashes due to place & position, question of superiority feel hold qualification, authority & money power enjoy say, customary commanding right sure no questions can be asked & impose easy see oblige obey, crafty moves of vested interests & the compelling adverse condition of concern for any reason as decide better not open the mouth invite trouble for self though very much wish if can oppose unfair treats.


As such require great daring of inner will power say what may think just & right & also courage to standby the stated conviction of the feels though let displease any canít worry & also be prepared to face the resultant consequences no matter what, even if can hit hard at times & can expect spoil the good relation as well.


Again saying things as may feel like is not wise as carry the responsibility to own the statements made & need prove the justification when questioned about. Otherwise no chance save face see self be in hot water. Also get rebuke of condemn & some punishment affect enjoyed position all along & compel give apology.


One tends to overlook the importance of what they are saying when & the manner of the expressions, forget that exposes the character & the mind-set of the speaker. And show family background & upbringing way & the kind of mentality seem has got. Plus naturally hurt the feelings of the listeners.


This holds good for each of the interaction with anyone. Be personal relations with family, in office & business deals, while have association of persons feel related & concern in any way or even with strangers when happen come across for some reason for some time.


Hence though speaking ones mind is desirable nice so as convey own views & feels of the stand on the subject matter, should be done with care & caution as wise. The bitterest things in life can be said if one has the art of saying so as maintain the dignity & good feels of the other side & not let be the prestige issue, but appear acceptable think beneficial for both & right. Though if not canít help let alone go own way see outcome.


Indeed best to speak own mind but must mind well what when may speak as sensible policy if wish live peaceful.



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