Bitter tongue


Bitter tongue

Bitter tongue


Seem nature of some

Never bother before

Say anything in mind

Let could hurt heavy


Can be impulsive feel

Out of frustration see

Things moving wrong

But no power control


So feeling impatient

Prove merits of own

Action or inaction in

Subject of question


And too sensitivity

Force must oppose

Any unjust orders

Utter harsh words


If involved happen

Person in authority

With position pride

Surely take revenge


Also short temper

Superior persons

Believe have right

Talk abusive style


But soon likely find

All appear disobey

Even own close too

Refuse any support


Hence bitter tongue

Welcome move free

But need mind well

Always got pay price


For what all said in

Agitation of stress

Spoil nice relation

No chance amend


Wise care what say

Politely express self

Or just remain quite

Save helpless regret