Blessings in disguise


  Blessings in disguise


Blessings in disguise


Many a times we are in sad state

Of mind feel tense & in distress

And lost find way out cope with

Dismay condition of the despair


Feel time & again why so much

Suffering meant for me to stand

What wrong & sin I might have

Done in past birth pay here now


How long & how much anyone

Possibly can face with patience

As fate appear wish against me

And God too not hear help plea


How hard live wretched situate

When nothing look move right

Though planned well with care

And just no support seek relief


Moreover own ones too no less

Surprise act funny seize chance

How shameless take advantage

As disregard all devoted favour


Pressure of hardship & agony

Of ill-treat insult weigh heavy

Thence heat up burning desire

And determine initiate actions


Indicate decision end troubles

And protect self-concern affair

Also assure please peaceful life

Build superb world of delights


That time only courage of will

With faith in Almighty & Self

Help sustain & forecast future

Encourage effort find solution


As inspire positive standpoint

Be brave go through bad time

Believe testing trail of endure

Occur strong also give insight


Decide new way much better

And lead the rework strategy

Force fine with zeal & vigour

Overcome hurt of past failure


And sense terrible experience

Of the related as good lesson

Effect make wiser by destiny

Could be blessing in disguise


Music now Playing "Now let me tell you"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission




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