Blind faith


  Blind faith


Blind faith


Root reason of many problems

And the hardships of calamity

That could have well protected

Had cared predict apply mind

And refrain rely on blind faith


Also the dangerous habit takes

 Things for granted & overlook

The evident doubtful incidents

Due to blind trust on involved

Can outsider or own relations


Since believes everybody truly

 Might entangle walk into bait

Realize late got into hot water

As didn’t smell crafty motives

Of people with vested interest


Apparent thing could be false

Disguise such so as to deceive

Earnest & honest related one

And avail intended advantage

Move matters grab own gains


Wise remain alert view things

See situation observe changes

Reason heard words & action

And then decide own response

Without be hasty sentimental


Necessary as feels mind well

Each connection & relations

Be it personal or official one

Need keep verified to ensure

Exist like before & continue


As possible may have change

With lapse of time & position

Live altered values of wishes

Tempt want different benefit

To suit state of self condition


Good have faith in the people

And nice have self confidence

Save undue tensions of worry

So as live peacefully & happy

But must avoid “Blind Faith”


Music now Playing "Do you know"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp


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