Burning desire work wonder


  Burning desire work wonder


Burning desire work wonder


We must realize & try to accept

Everybody who have birth here

Never happen be just fortunate

Find whatever may like so easy


And not oblige forego anything

Get needs with or even without

Asking as joy of all found right

Appear as if be special on earth


But such people are only a few

As watch normal life situation

Of most of the common people

Look struggle round the clock


So as to obtain bare necessity

For self & own dependent one

Leave alone may ever make it

Gain the comfort of lavish life


And almost sure nothing good

Appear written in destine fate

So no chance fulfill any desire

Then why crave, effort & wait


But wise not feel so much bad

And determine reach own aim

Spirit strong will power belief

Nothing be impossible happen


If try hard feel what seem best

Imagine way hold dream soon

May feel cosmic world as well

Set matter delight as just bliss


And please have splendid time

When long for wish come true

Befall memorable like forever

Trust no need ever disappoint


Picture life of reject & deject

And keep crying in only grief

This would worsen life shape

Sure not care concern of any


As such wise rise feel positive

Act as be master of own state

Wish fight fate & not give up

Prove at least have endeavor


Attract burning desire magic

Hope influence work wonder

And success be fortunate one

Live blissful life of happiness


Music now Playing "Some days it happens"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission



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