Can never sail upon two ships

  Can never sail upon two ships


Can never sail upon two ships


Human mind always desire avoid

Select own prefer way & proceed

As be in dilemma what can really

Prove best help gain wish benefit


And keep on swing own decision

As doubt likely scene feel expect

Also dream can chance be clever

Attain life bliss from either stand


But that can never workout okay

As half hearted rushed rash plan

Chase diverse goal lead nowhere

But certain see effect just failure


And cry endure hard luck in life

But deny accept be own blunder

As tempt sail upon the two ships

Not logic can fall in sea of regret


Granted all want get everything

Pass serve self interest somehow

But ought consider not hurt any

Also care not run risk own state


Easy err feel high of own ability

Believe sure realize as may wish

But must sense none hold magic

Achieve things like only miracle


And bitter fact of life feels force

Wish in favour & against option

And then standby own selection

No way find chance revise mind


Also know impossible please all

So may call condemn & advises

Must ignore & be firm proceed

If desire the happiness of merit


Predict be so like all time reality

As relate small or vital big thing

Appear wise view or whim fancy

When opt one ready forgo other


Understand may never succeed

Realize anything effort in futile

When toil many task same time

As fall short sail upon two ships



Music now Playing "River of life"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp



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