Chance of Correct Option



Apparently all options seem good

With merits advantage of its own

However real benefit exist hidden

But envisaged by careful planner


Every ones idea of the best option

Depend on upbringing perception

Kind of company and placements

Influencing the available incentive


The attraction of getting easy goal

Like way of beautiful bed of roses

Filled with fragrance of only smile

May prove path of thorns later on


There might be tough proposition

Relating the great effort decisions

But provide the innovative chance

And satisfaction of success delight


Option choice may be own wishes

Out of wisdom or impulsive ideas

Selected out of compelling factors

Or made during dismay moments


No matter the responsible reasons

Behind chances of correct options

Resulting outcomes sure to follow

To give happiness or only distress



Music now playing "carefree"

Played by John Torp

Used with permission


Background by John Torp




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