Change is natural Law



Wheel of nature keeps turning

Change the prevailing things

To move on the new scenario

Look be better or feel adverse


It depends on the current state

One may have been placed

With own mental make up

Regard & deal ones position


Things might be favourable

Suitable to fulfill self desires

And also be right & rightful

Or out of simply luck chance


Else may be only tale of tolls

Ill fate may be charging

As devised by the destiny

Or could be undue invited lot


Human nature to feel proud

Live best life of betterment

And dishearten feel in hell

Live hard life of tribulations


But forget or may overlook

Nothing remains stationary

Hold good forever as it is

To ones benefit or adversity


The invisible law of nature

Definite to step in operate

The sudden effective shifts

Change current conditions


When that happens in life

Be beyond the imagination

Take one by only surprise

With great joy or shake stun


Everything is subject to change

One may prefer or dislike them

Be season, atmosphere, date & time

Be product, service & facility ways

Be life stage, state, views & values

Be strength, powers & placements

Be choice, interacting individuals

Be comforting & compelling factors

Or even life itself takes new birth

Whilst the time falls due


Thus this inevitable law of nature

Contain the change prevalence


Music now Playing :-

"To wake up in the morning"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp


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