Confidence power


  Confidence power


Confidence power


Suppose to be the stronghold strength

Of determination of oneís life support

Decide to do or never agree do things

While try achieve wish aim in dignity


This can be vital for own betterment

Though be in difficult horrible shape

And really see nothing expect favour

Yet get will of courage handle plight


As well be source of essential power

Defend & support weakly dependent

Who alone canít sustain life problem

Amid hear words of cruel mean ones


Anything when try do in confidence

Believe sure can with vigour of will

Invite force of cosmic powers assist

Accomplish intended aim of success


Since nothing can be achieved easy

Spot trial of testing time in troubles

Feel in dilemma continue or to quit

But self-belief inspire correct thing


Help think positive decide keep on

Till one fortunate day finally reach

Own pleasant world of dream wish

Which coward ones can never find


Though care mind well appreciate

Very thin line of crucial difference

Often can disguise overconfidence

Of self capability to cope situation


And see blunder through oversight

As catch unaware though innocent

Be helpless observe blow of destiny

Panic bad hurt & despair in agony


Later God may bless help recover

As give chance to mitigate impact

If happen be lucky & wise grab it

Still invisible sore remain forever


Moreover damage done be severe

If upshot of egoist overconfidence

Invite trouble underrate everyone

And build rash judgment of action


Evident fall short estimated result

But realize too late try any amend

And could only regret own failure

In apathy & risk suicide in gloom


As such confidence is so powerful

Life feature if possess or cultivate

Support realize impossible things 

If can cautious hold watch misuse

May lead wonderful life of wishes



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Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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