Conscious rings the Bell


Believe it or not is your wish

But we do get the clear alert

When desire any action plan

To proceed or wise drop idea


May concern personal things

To realize dreams come true

Or involving official matters

To succeed expected success


Working along the thinking

Grasp likely result instantly

And initiate keep reminding

 Suggest in favour or against


Then left to concern to listen

And derive beneficial effects

Or decide disregard in pride

But regret later see outcome


Expectation of hopeful wish

And fear of the bitter reality

Both may strongly influence

Decision to hear inner voice


But like sincere well wisher

Devotedly tend duly inspire

Best possible fulfilling ways

Cautions danger of failures

Also prevent harmful hopes


And so remain advantageous

If follow sounds of conscious

Ring the bell invite attention

Watch & ensure self interest


Music now Playing "Dedeli Dedeli Dum"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background "natfl067.gif" taken from


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