Crazy prayers of Students



Once God happen to hear

Many prayers of students

In the temples of own faith

Amid mad rush reach first


He felt like vision the state

See what prevailing cry was

And kind of urgent wish plea

Just difference of saying so


Admit that havenít studied

Or ever attended any classes

And now what can be done

Even if want to try remedy


We had no time for study

Busy make-merry with friends

In chatting, party & programs

Go to hotels, movies & outing


Honestly feel very boring

And hard to decide study

Forego nice time of the life

Can imagine & appreciate


Unaware when year passed

And exams have fallen due

But not prepared to appear

So have come for your help


You can make some miracle

And bless us to pass exams

Help save waste of a year

With delight of the success


See offerings as kneel down

Money, sweets, fruits, clothes

Vow to fast, do some charity

Walk bear-foot visit temple

Find wishes get fulfilled


Strange & absurd enough

Heard some threats too

About the plans in mind

Fear failure in the exams


May run away from house

Or opt for unfair tactics

Or may attempt suicide

To escape face the result


Wise remember mind well

Nothing can bring success

Without input of own efforts

Of timely essential studies


Music now Playing "How much must I endure"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background "dddf804.jpg" taken from


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