Crucial Decisions


  Crucial Decisions


Crucial Decisions


Many a times situation arises

Be unexpected to our dismay

Call for the instant measures

Of essential crucial decision


So as to cope with the crisis

And well control diligently

Prevent ill-fated adversity

Harm affected ones badly


May pertain to personal life

Or for the dependant persons

Can relate to known concern

Or official nature for anyone


Though no way easy thing

For everybody grasp bliss

Of strong inner will power

Decide with determination


Moreover require courage

To stand by own decision

Accept full responsibility

For the resultant outcome


Also have command skill

Persuade the subordinates

To move the mission plan

Succeed expected success


Still may have to confront

Some of apparent troubles

And misery of the distress

If risk factor show mighty


But bold & clever person

Dare face difficult ordeal

And might be successful

Prove own decision right


Attain glory with admire

Create record landmark

Also pave new pathway

Inspire others to follow



Music now Playing "Life is not so easy"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Tirp



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