Crying wolf how bad habit


  Crying wolf how bad habit


Crying wolf how bad habit


Might sound very absurd to anybody

But notice there are quite a few here

Seem always enjoy live that life style

Unknown may effect boomerang self


We wonder what they desire achieve

But maybe they too would not know

Else may understand how awful it is

Make undue tension to concern ones


Watch call related every now & then

Alarm ought to run & rescue at once

As clever paint the picture of anxiety

Invite attention claim sympathy easy


Cry be the savior grant must support

Leave whatever might do be in hand

Or could only repent see me no more

Believe as if heaven appear is falling


Evident hear such kind pathetic plea

One is bound think compel to oblige

Decide rush locate & handle trouble  

Possibly may have happen suddenly


Though when arrive at spot may see

Everything seem be in perfect order

And just can’t see even least danger

As blunder express prevail little ago


Naturally feel offend then & fuming

Sense be fool trick by stupid related

Mistreat the kind feeling of concern

With liberty takes goodness as right


However mistake that can get away

Expect get ignore as whim impulse

Hence why fret continue the repeat

At most just say sorry & close with


But need remember there is a limit

Of patience to tolerate the nuisance

If see go beyond sure annoy anyone

And will take no interest thereafter


Result get no ones help when be in

Genuine mishap cause suffer hard

And regret sight all have left alone

Must be pay for habit ‘crying wolf’



Music now Playing "Hallo Hallo"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp






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