Deceiving Destiny


Profess, practice and promote

Abrupt & unfair tricky Tactic

To surprise & shock concerns

With the unexpected outcome


Allow reasonable assumption

And smooth sailing situations

Until kind to grant the favors

Of Fulfilling intended Wishes


Its mood change like weather

And start blowing to hit hard

Demolish all safety measures

Spreading scar of shaky state


Controlling clutches of forces

Decide plight of poor humans

To make fortunate or unlucky

With deceiving destiny of fate


Strange but seem to be happy

To monitor & witness defeats

Of helpless souls in hardships

By rejecting even Mercy Plea


If failure is destiny of luck lot

Sporty ones sustain in strides

Their spirits can’t be crushed

By Deprived support of Bless



Music now playing “This here is my life”

Composed & played by John Torp

Used with permission



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