Desire of wishful wishes

  Desire of wishful wishes


Desire of wishful wishes


Everyone has own set of wishes

Continue popup as move in life

Let be small but feel important

Or appear high as wishful wish


May relate to self craft nice life

Of own desire world live please

Or find long for time of delight

Or achieve something of credit


In the interest of dear-near one

As plan comfortable life of ease

Or suggest benefit whole world

Realize own intuitive invention


Happen strange though useful

And be topic of laughingstock

Believe like just the daydream

Until could watch turn reality


Since dreams donít come true

As bliss without attempt hard

And face failure time & again

Source dismay & lead give-up


As ignorant may have almost

Reach the destination if been

Patient & hold on for a while

Possibly be happy see success


But sad loose confidence grip

Motivate stand with patience

And aim progress on set path

Even if none may have opted


Feel unless prepared run risk

Nothing is ever easy to attain

So essential effort face plight

And wait roll ideal can fulfill


Precious longed wishful wish

When logic tell as impossible

Since nowhere trace glimpse

As far far-away at wish time



Music now Playing "Far faraway now"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp




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