Discard heavy emotional luggage


It is indeed strange tendency with most of the people to preserve undesired useless emotional luggage like dear treasure have a look & experience time and again those sorry state and shed tears feel bad in self pity.


They seem enjoy to narrate the stories of the past incidences of how & on what all counts they were wronged by whom all during the course of the life, cause worries & the painful heartaches which have remained & weigh as the troublesome weight.


Over and above also prefer continue to add more & more such hurting parcels of the negative emotions to store & occupy the precious space in the mind.


In the process they donít even see that by doing all these with this kind attitude of the behaviour pattern, trying to act as self enemy take away the peace in life for which no one else can be blamed.


It is essential to view coolly the root reasons that were perhaps the responsible factors could have been within or was just beyond ones controls so as to save that happen and duly safeguard those situations.


While assessing the resulted worrying conditions, one also have to be fair & honest towards involved persons before fixing the grieved complains of the injustice & have heart to accept own share of blames take the responsibility of self fault as well if any.


It is very important to see the possibility of any way to make amends as remedy or find some relief with determined efforts reduce the impact of the hurts which have got to be found & initiated by only concern ones as never served readymade in a plate to anybody by fate.


However if feel nothing can be done about that or were right or wrong canít decide, was own past destined lot, then better treat them as useless junk things to discard.


Life is never straight smooth sailing through out ones life journey, but have to pass through the clouds of testing times, adverse waves of deals, ups and downs of tensions with innumerable events of hardships and also blesses of the good feels of courage & happiness. There may be nice interactions of joy to accompany and also have to face moments of bearing the unavoidable association of the people of the much dislikes.


We need to understand & appreciate that no one is perfect & at times subject to mistake knowingly or unknowingly do wrongs to others but we are surely none to sit on judgments or have powers to punish anybody which is the right of the only supreme authorityÖ..The Almighty.


It is as well necessary to review & accept there may have been some wrongs done by own self too towards others cause them hurts so canít point fingers at others exempt self imagine may have been forgiven.


On other extreme, some sensitive ones constantly have the feelings of guilt for something done through oversight or be the instrumental unfortunately for which either the other side may have pardon long time back kindly move in sympathy or perhaps may not have viewed that seriously & taken in strides like a much matured tolerant person.


As such it is not only essential to seek sincere forgiveness from wronged person but also forgive own self with hearty repents which may give some solace with lapse of time to reduce the burden of the heavily weighing guilt feels & help be light hearted then. 


It is our own choice to carry the burden of emotional luggage of pinching negative feelings of suffered wrongs and keep reacting in fury out of the frustrations though proves futile & make for the miserable life


 Be wise to well understand that brooding over the enmity of hurts endlessly is worthless.

Thus decide to forgive and forget about any feeling of retaliations wishes which perhaps may hurt own self more than the aimed ones.



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