Easy blame modest


  Easy blame modest


Easy blame modest


Though much undesirable

Many times some appear

In lookout & try chance

To shift own fault blame

On available handy target


As if to their good luck

Quick find the scapegoat

Manage live tension free

Sure will not get caught

Though behave as please


The matter may be minor

Or major but fear affects

Ones stand & position

Hold power & respect

So keen save self skin


At any cost somehow

So crafty mind weaves

The high voltage drama

Tell the cooked up story

Justify self claim trust


None can imagine see

Play of deceiving lies

Hide the wrong deeds

Done serve self wish

But aims keep secret


Since easy targets there

Due to obvious reasons

Are be very affectionate

Honest but not watchful

Or is silent in obligation


Also some seem too kind

Willing own up charges

As wish save & protect

Involved related person

Help escape bear agony


They all live victimized

Sad suffer unjust blame

Of the levied allegations

But unable refute charge

Although done nothing


As such wise understand

Undue wrong support can

Spoil habit & encourage

Believe be easy frame-up

Anybody & can getaway


But truth comes to light

Sooner or later for sure

When see no place hide

Cause hate helpful ones

And forget past favours



 Music now Playing "Here we are"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp



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